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Grow with Us

Potentia is seeking professional strategic partners across New York State who are looking to grow with us in this exciting field of sustainability!

Our Partner Program is for You!

Growing Industry

The rise in demand for green jobs is dramatically outpacing the oil and gas sector, according to a recent report from LinkedIn.

The ​​number of jobs in renewables has increased by 237 percent over the last five years in the U.S., compared to a 19 percent rise in oil and gas jobs.

Unmatched Commission Program

Our commission structure is the best in the industry. 

Our top partners have made over six figures while working part time.

Unrivaled Support

You will be supported by a team of highly skilled industry professionals focused on your success, including marketing and sales professionals, customer service support, field engineers, proposal generators and utility program managers.

Partner responsibilities include reviewing the program with the customer, gaining approval for a building assessment, and helping sell the job.


We will handle the rest, from proposal generation to electrical installation.

Partner Tools

Our partners receive corporate email accounts, CRM subscriptions, business cards, marketing materials and customer giveaways.

Additional Partner Benefits

Higher tiers of partners receive bonuses, company cars, travel expense reimbursement, logo apparel, and greater marketing funds.

Industry Leader

Potentia Management Group, a leader in sustainability, has completed hundreds of projects across Upstate New York.


We've helped businesses reduce energy consumption, decrease maintenance costs, improve performance and increase their operational efficiencies.

Exceptional Training

Our team of industry experts have worked for some of the best managed companies in the world.

You will receive expert training in the areas of marketing, sales, lighting technology, and building assessments.

Technical Expertise

Potentia has electrical engineers and highly qualified electricians on staff ensuring that installations are of the highest quality and design.

Brand Marketing

Potentia engages in a vast array of marketing strategies and social media marketing services to generate attention to our brand.

Additional Partner Benefits

High performing partners can receive additional bonuses, company car, travel expense reimbursement, computers, tablets, logo apparel, and greater marketing funds.

James Buono, Senior Partner

"Potentia has the expertise, experience, attention to detail and outstanding support to assist me with any sustainability project my customers present to me. I've sold over $4 million worth of projects over the past seven years with Potentia."

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