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At Potentia Management Group we take our jobs very seriously, and live and work by a culture that is built on transparency, teamwork, fun, open door policy, and a zeal for innovation.


We believe that every new person is an invaluable addition to our talented pool of individuals, and we make sure that they have the kind of enthusiasm, determination, and skills we need to create innovative deliverables for our valued customers.

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Our Story

Dr. Anthony Vennero, president and founder of Potentia Management Group and former assistant professor of business at Hartwick College, saw first-hand how many college graduates face the challenge of finding employment with limited practical business experience.

It was in 2014, when standout student James Buono had trouble finding work that Vennero decided to step in.  Familiar with Buono’s business coursework and interest in the environment, Vennero used his industry experience and contacts to get Buono some much needed practical business experience while working for him as an energy consultant.

Little did they know that this temporary, part-time business venture would grow, after only sixteen months, into a multi-million-dollar enterprise. Buono recently celebrated his eighth year with the company and has personally sold over $4 million in LED lighting projects and Electric vehicle charging stations.


Potentia has helped hundreds of businesses, municipalities and non-profits across New York State reduce their carbon footprints and dependency on fossil fuel through the installation of high efficiency LED lighting and electric vehicle charging stations.  In the process these customers have saved thousands of dollars in their operating budgets and have positioned themselves at the forefront of New York State’s initiative to get more electric vehicles on the road. The Utica Zoo, Clinton Arena, Shaker Pointe, The Eraser Company, KJ Electric, Notre Dame Jr Sr High School, Cazenovia College, and Runnings Supply are just a few of the businesses we’ve helped.  Many municipalities have also experienced savings and increased operational performance by going green including Town of Whitestown, Village of Phoenix, City of Watervliet, and the City of Cobleskill.

Join us in looking forward to a brighter future!


Our Mission

Potentia is dedicated to helping businesses maximize their operational efficiencies through custom designed sustainable projects, government incentives and advanced technologies. Our unique client-centric approach ensures that we meet – and exceed – our clients’ stringent performance and financial expectations.

We design, execute, and supervise every project using our technical expertise and sound management methodologies to ensure that each phase is comprehensive, efficient, and effective. Our seasoned professionals work closely with our clients to ensure that the highest-quality outcome is achieved.


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